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General Building Equipment for Hire

10' Steel Container

10' Steel ContainerThe 10`x8` high security steel containers available for hire and ideal for storage of tools & materials on site & are fitted with double doors for easy access. Delivered by a crane mounted truck they can be placed in awkward locations on site.





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Transcube Static Fuel Tank

Transcube Static Fuel TankThe “transcube” static fuel tank is a 960 litre model which means it can be transported full of diesel without the need for ADR training. They are fitted with full load lifting eyes, forklift pockets & internal baffles to allow safe moving on site even when full.

Available for hire and supplied with a secure lockable access hatch housing the pump.

  • Capacity: 990L (218 Gallons)
  • Length: 1150mm
  • Width: 1150mm
  • Height: 1320mm
  • Bund Thickness: 3mm
  • Inner Tank Thickness: 3m
  • Unladen Weight: 550kg
  • Laden Weight: 1423kg

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Temporary Fencing

Temporary FencingTemporary fencing is ideal for providing perimeter protection around a site or for providing a compound for safe storage within a site. Available for hire. Manufactured with vertical wires not exceeding a spacing of 30mm to prevent someone gaining a foothold to climb.

  • Panel size: L 3.5m, H 2.0m




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Pro Barrier

Pro BarrierThe pro-barrier is a strong durable & stable one piece design that interlocks providing protection for pedestrians that conforms to chapter 8 requirements, available for hire.

  • Size L 2.0m, H 1.0m.





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Road Plate

Road PlateRoad plates are used for temporary cover of excavations in roadways & footpaths. All plates have lifting eyes for ease of handling & can be supplied in both standard or anti slip finish.

Available for hire in standard sizes and aproximate weights are listed below, other non standard sizes available. Please contact us for details.

  • 1.22x1.22x13mm (4`x4`x1\2”) 155kg
  • 1.83x1.22x13mm (6`x4`x1\2”) 225kg
  • 1.83x1.22x19mm (6`x4`x3\4”) 365kg
  • 2.44x1.22x13mm (8`x4`x1\2”) 310kg
  • 2.44x1.22x19mm (8`x4`x3\4”) 500kg
  • 2.44x1.22x25mm (8`x4`x1”) 615kg


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Pole Ladders

Pole LadderPole ladders are sturdy single section ladders used for aerial access or descending access into drains & deep excavations. Often used in conjunction with trench boxes, manhole boxes & trench sheets there are two types available for hire, wooden with tie rods on each rung & steel.

They are available in 1m increments between 3m & 7m.





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Acrow Prop

Acrow PropAcrow props are rugged adjustable supports with telescopic height adjustment used for formwork, floors, walls & ceilings available for hire.

  • No 0 1.041m 3`5” - 1.829m 6`0”
  • No 1 1.753m 5`9” - 3.124m 10`3”
  • No 2 1.981m 6`6” - 3.352m 11`0”
  • No 3 2.590m 8`6” - 3.962m 13`0”
  • No 4 3.200m 10`6” - 4.876m 16`0”




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Strongboy Acrow Prop

Strongboy Acrow PropThe strongboy is used as an adaption to an acrow prop to provide support to brickwork & other construction support structures. To fit a lintel, RSJ or beam within a wall the weight above needs supporting while the work is carried out. The strongboy is knocked into a mortar joint & supported with an acrow prop enabling the masonry underneath to be removed.





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Road Form

Road FormsRoad forms are a simple form of shuttering formwork for use in constructing ground slabs, roadways, pathways & foundations up to a depth of 300mm. Available in 3m lengths in both rigid & flexible forms they create a uniform finish by means of a tongue system that locates them together.

They are supplied with pre drilled holes for steel reinforcing with plastic plugs available for sale if required.

  • 100mm Rigid and Flexible available
  • 150mm Rigid and Flexible available
  • 200mm Rigid and Flexible available
  • 250mm Rigid only available
  • 300mm Rigid only available



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Forklift Man Cage

Forklift Man CageForklift man cages are access platforms that attach to a forklift to provide a safe platform for personnel working access to high areas. Available to hire these access platforms for forklifts are a cost effective method of creating of permanent or temporary mobile access platform. Platforms attach securely and safely to a forklift truck, without the risk of the forks sliding.





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Forklift Crane Hook

Forklift Crane HookThe forklift crane hook fits over the forks of a FLT or telehandler & is locked in place by means of a hook & chain fitted to the forklift frame. It then provides a central lifting point between the forks which means the load can be manually rotated or fixed at 90 degree angles. S.W.L. 2500kg. Weight 70kg. Available for hire.






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Tipping Skips

Forklift Tipping SkipsTipping skips are ideal for moving material or rubbish around a site.  Available for hire.

Capacities from 750 litres to 2000 litres.






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Drain and Pipe Stoppers

Drain and Pipe StoppersDrain/Pipe Stoppers are either aluminium or pressed steel plugs with a single rubber seal suitable for carrying out water & air tests in a wide range of pipes.

Available for hire in a wide range of sizes between 100 & 450mm.





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