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Formwork System Hire

MKII Strongback Soldier System

MKII Strongback Soldier SystemThe MKII Strongback soldier system is a highly versatile formwork & support beam that has been designed to bring both exceptional strength, and through its accessories a wide variety of applications to soldier users. The accessories available to hire include the following: Hop Up Brackets, Bracing Couplers, Forkheads, Base Plates, Swivel Shoring Bases, Threaded & Tubular Shoring Adaptors & Web Bearing Plates.

Lengths available & weights are detailed below, they can also be bolted together for other lengths.

  • 450mm 11.7kg
  • 675mm 17.5kg
  • 900mm 21.5kg
  • 1800mm 37.4kg
  • 2700mm 55.2kg
  • 3600mm 71.0kg


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Dywidag Tie Bar & Accessories

Dywidag Tie Bar and AccessoriesThe Dywidag system is the industry standard for formwork concrete structures. Available for hire & sale except where marked.

  • Dywidag Tie Bar
  • Pressured Washer Plate
  • Wing Nuts
  • Joiners
  • Plastic Cones (sale only)
  • Plastic Tube (sale only)



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Column Clamp

Column ClampColumn Clamps are used to provide a framework for construction of a concrete column. Four steel arms are connected by wedges & can form square & rectangular beams as the arms are interchangeable.

A slot arrangement enables speedy & accurate adjustment to any dimension within the size range.

  • No 1 228.6 - 546.1mm
  • No 2 330.2 - 889.0mm
  • No 3 596.9 - 1270 mm


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Road Form

Road FormsRoad forms are a simple form of shuttering formwork for use in constructing ground slabs, roadways, pathways & foundations up to a depth of 300mm. Available in 3m lengths in both rigid & flexible forms they create a uniform finish by means of a tongue system that locates them together.

They are supplied with pre drilled holes for steel reinforcing with plastic plugs available for sale if required.

  • 100mm Rigid and Flexible available
  • 150mm Rigid and Flexible available
  • 200mm Rigid and Flexible available
  • 250mm Rigid only available
  • 300mm Rigid only available

Mould Release Oil available for sale. Please contact us.


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Acrow Prop

Acrow PropAcrow props are rugged adjustable supports with telescopic height adjustment used for formwork, floors, walls & ceilings available for hire.

  • No 0 1.041m 3`5” - 1.829m 6`0”
  • No 1 1.753m 5`9” - 3.124m 10`3”
  • No 2 1.981m 6`6” - 3.352m 11`0”
  • No 3 2.590m 8`6” - 3.962m 13`0”
  • No 4 3.200m 10`6” - 4.876m 16`0”



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Concrete Curing Tank

Concrete Curing TankThe concrete curing tank is a 110v thermostatically controlled tank for curing concrete test samples. The test cube mould is placed into the curing tank to assist in the quality & quick setting of concrete samples.






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Concrete Test Cube Mould

Concrete Test Cube Mould The concrete cube mould is a bolted steel test cube 6" square that can be filled with concrete product on site, allowed to cure & then dismantled. The moulded product can then be either Lab tested or kept in storage for quality control purposes

Mould Release Oil available for sale. Please contact us.




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